Tuesday, September 05, 2006

See now...

"Some folks...they let that win just get all up in their head" is what you are thinking. But really, it is nothing like that.

Totally, TOTALLY psyched cause that number we tracked...remember way back on the 15th of that Other Month...

it totally rocked my world on Friday night. In the midst of making Enchiladas. Green chicken enchiladas to be exact.

It was a funny ring--because it was a blocked call. So, of course I knew who it was. I lept out the couch to get the phone. Only, my phone is a hata. Hata.

I touched the thing and it stopped wringing. Flipped it open and shouted hello for the hood to hear. Yeah...uhm nothing.

Sigh...was probably nothing.

Settle in for some time on :that couch: with :that guy: and the voice mail ring comes on. Okay...I gotta check that.

Open up...tells me it is from a blocked id. Then there are Ira and Kim (in order of apperance for my message) telling me what I was in denial about most of the weekend--

I'm a FinAList! Did you hear me? I'm a FINALIST?

You know what so totally rocks my world about this? Okay...moment of honesty here. It rocks my world that I get an Ipod (smile). Cause that means BF can get me something else for Christmas. Something about 6'6" tall, and warm and snuggly...

but i digress.

Aside from the ipod, what is so totally earth shattering about this to me was that for once, I did what I wanted to do and it worked! I know I know...follow your own style, stop messing on "what you think they want" and all that jazz. I finally followed my own big headed advice and low and behold!

Totally cool.

Cannot wait to share that album. Loved it before the phone call, loved it after the phone call, love it more every day.

Peace out.

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