Thursday, August 31, 2006

16 of 20 right?

We're getting to the point where I don't remember which I have shared
and which I have not...
so don't get crazy if this is up already.
Gently remind me and I'll switch it out (smile).
16 of 20
SoY unloved
Live Your Life

Gotta love the Urban Lily paper!
Lots of really great stuff happening in the scrap life. But...alas...I have to go tend to the sick boyfriend (aka, play hookie).
In brief:
1. Great DT (one I'm already on, don't flip out with the "why didn't you tell me") is going through some changes. Changes I was afraid of at first, but think I might well like. Love it.
2. Tomorrow...heartbreak. But...the good of that is that I can SHARE a really wonderful album I so totally love. If only I could find those pictures. Had a thought about where they might be. Interesting...if not, I'll have to rephotograph and that won't happen tomorrow (or tonight either...patience!)
3. Speaking of album shares, just did another album (which took me forever only because I kept getting bogged down with other stuff). Simplified, simplified, simplified. And so very much love it. Gonna get it and give it back (yeah...I swiped it...and what?!) to the boyfriend this weekend. When we're back on the beach. yeah.
Kay...I like threes so this will throw me off BUT...remember that CK WA Pea Pub Dinner? Yeah...I have a rak that I have to send to Gina cause she guessed correctly--Threee Bugs and Scrapworks. Fun sponsors eh? I just got another confirmation yesterday so we're up to 4 major manufacturers. So totally fun!
That's all the scrap stuff folks...back to the regularly scheduled blogging...right after I stop for my Mc D's yummy.


Colleen E said...

This looks very 3-d -- is it digi? Love the colors you used and the 3 circular things at the top. He's a cutie.

That Girl said...

isn't he adorable? It was paper layout...but it is a bit 3D with pop dots and the like. Love that Urban Lily!

Gina H said...

Woo Hoo for me! Can't wait to see what goodies I get! (probably the best thing that's happened in a real long time, obviously I'm in a real slump!) LOL :)

And a super Congrats to you on your TOOT!!! I'm so happy for you, can't wait to see it. :)