Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday: 5 of 20:
Don't Hide in the Shadows

Thanks for looking! Just uploaded my Round 3 entries at Croppin' Paradise. nothing like some genuine "made me cry" praise to ease the sting of rejection (smile). And to imagine that I finished way before a week early. That's what I get for being clueless lately.

KI album--so very loving it. Just need to let go of the fear of my handwriting and finish that out this week. Whoa now the journaling on that one promises to be intense. Been very free flowing and open and honest lately. I like it lots!


Renee said...

Girl, you are on a roll. Loving your layouts. Can you pass a little of your mojo this way. I need a little of it.

That Girl said...

rubbing hands to forehead and placing flat on monitor. Get your mojo girl!

Thanks for all the compliments!

gina said...

I had surfed all 3 sites to find out where your layouts were and bingo! Those are great and I wish you would extend a little mojo my way...I'm in a slump (creatively that is). Produced 2 pages in 2 months...

.freckled.nest. said...

hi, i just came across your blog.
when it comes to handwriting, go for it! it will add so much more of yourself! i'm doing the ki too, and when i did handwriting, i printed a few copies of a photo (if i was writing on it) and that way it left room for mistakes. One thing i made, i think i did it like 8 times before it felt right, lol. i hope we see each other in the finalists! i like your work, looks like the color theroy topic probably came really naturally for you. it was a fun album hey! (i need to finish mine this weekend and send it off Monday, *nailbitting*)
Nice site :)