Sunday, August 27, 2006

Out...and it's all good!

So then. I'm out of the Last Scrapper Standing competition with the Dares. And it is such a good thing. They posted dare 3.5 on Thursday night/Friday morning. That knocked me out. I didn't drive to work, didn't have my laptop and the dare required the use of wet media anyhow. So I had about 25 minutes to get something done, photographed and posted because...well...we had the wedding this weekend!

That was fun times...but that is on the other blog.

I am completely fine with not moving on. This last layout was nothing like what I do lately and unlike the other layouts, not something I was really feeling. I LOVE the layout I just did for the Beyond Appearances Blog though...tomorrow...I'll link ya. There are RAKS involved this week ya'll so DEFINITELY get over there and complete a layout.

Got three big name sponsors for the Pub Dinner and two more I'm pretty sure will come on board.

Gina wins! She guessed the two sponsors we had at the time the challenge was posted--Three Bugs in a Rug and Scrapworks. Figured she'd get the second one cause she like only loves her some Scrapworks (and she can rock it at that...check out their blog cause she was a recent winner over there). Why she is not on their DT...beyond me (smile).

Kay...I'll add links to lots of this stuff tomorrow.

Just wanted to get posted here that I'm okay with not moving on. Had lots of really great folks consoling me and I much appreciate it but it there are no regrets for going to the wedding I didn't originally want to go to.

Much love!

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