Monday, December 22, 2008

latest goods - Asher's Class is a must take!

Be sure to sign up for Ashley's Class
She's cool, scrapbooking is cool, the class will be cool.

Still I do.
Was mostly working on the wedding album that is kicking my butt.
So here's what else I've done as well:
But we did have lots of other fun stuff happen this year. Although most of these pictures are not from this year. Like I said, I'm a slacker.
For half a minute, we had Haute Spot Challenges at SiStv where the Fashionistas would challenge you to do some something or another. This challenge was to scrap for/about someone you had never met. I only met this dude online, back in college, was totally my first internet crush, right down to sending me a baby picture which was my first warning about internet love. And so it goes.

I have lots of pics of him with camera in hand. Which, I would think, would suggest that I've also got camera in hand to take said pics. But I don't know, so many folks are convinced I can't take a picture to save my life so maybe it's just magic (yeah, I called you out, and what). Anywho...(I miss Alex...dude Alex, not girl Alex). This was a fun simple one with just some journaling (digi) bout what we each see through the lens/art/science/adventure of photography.
Just a quick collage of the boys in my life that just totally rock my world.

And it wouldn't be a scrap session without some music inspiro (live your life) and some deep journaling to try to motivate myself to do something rather than just stare at pieces of paper for hours on end.
Thanks for looking and be sure to check out my posts at Scrap In Style TV where I'm Bernadette (really easy, imagine that) aka SiS # 57. Really. Check it out.

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