Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Party Time!

This chica has gone digital. this is not the most smashingly smashing bit. BUT! It is my first card so give it a lay already mate.

But really. I love this whole digital thing and as I learn more and more about how to play with it all...this is going to be so fun.

So April 1. Know where I live? Know how to get down to the water? Then you're invited. Otherwise, you gotta luck up on a lucky e-vite to come to this Beachy Housewarming deal.

I cannot believe I just blew $50 on digital scrapbook stuff. I figured it wouldn't be as bad as "real life" scrapping. Yeah right. So many cute little time. I already have some fave designers (can you tell?!). Sigh...time to go do some real scrapping. Just saw a yummy, yummy pasta dish on tv. But...before I go...check out the cool (s)crap[s] you can buy from a po gal just trying to make it already and be inspired to do your own venture by this groovy chic!


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Alison said...

I love that card!