Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Whoa now...

Who DO you think you are? If you stop pushing and wait patiently, she'll sign your book already aight?


Yeah right.


...guess who is pubbed? In a book? That you can buy? At a real store? A real (very comercial) bookstore? As in walk in and say "Do you have Scrap City" only to be told...why yes we do ma'am.

Well, at least they do in Seattle. Downtown. Big time!

I'm in the new, awesome, fantastic Scrap City book. Not that I'm all that, but the artists in that book...definitely all that.

And on June 29th, there's a book release party in NYC for it. Yeah...I'm so there. If I were not so poor. Maybe I'll take a collection. Maybe I'll ebay my soul away so I can go. Just to get to say, yeah, I traveled to NYC to pimp myself in the most scrapalicious of ways...

Rock on with it. Go'n and lean with it.

I'm giddy...can you tell? I went back to the hood for a moment.

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Alison said...

very cool