Sunday, July 30, 2006

**ETA...sob...not till tomorrow. If I had not checked that thread over there, I wouldn't have known and could just go about my life already. But I would have so stupidly posted my LO's online. So it's a good thing.**

***And I just saw something way cool pop into my email...another post becons...***

Soy...whatcha waiting for? Calls of course. End of today, we should know who made finalists. Dream come true. That would SO be a dream come true. And then some.

But in equally eventful news...made it to the next round for all of the obnoxious links I left you to browse in the last post. And now I have to get up the nerve to show BF said winning los. Winning because so many folks have been touched by it. I was touched by it (smile). Anyhow...check it out from the last post. I'll check in tomorrow to whine the heartbroken dream but in the meantime...

Till tomorrow.

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