Monday, April 27, 2009

50/50 challenge...on the cheap

***Previously recorded post - I love scheduled posting not that I remembered how again so get used to it***

So how do you spend only $50 a year on scrap supplies? I mean seriously...especially if you're a paper scrapper ( package of stickers can cost ya $4) or even if you're a digi scrapper? Those folks like myself who have already been doing it to it have a wealth of stash to get started with and really it just isn't fair to expect a newbie or a non-hoarder to spend only $50 for the rest of this year on scrap supplies.

But yes it is. You just need to know how to get your stuff on the cheap (aka, free).

You're reading a blog right? So probably my best tip for free scrap stuff is blog hopping. And make it easy for yourself by signing up for a blog reader like where you can track all 232 of your blogs effortlessly. Seriously...I'm back down to 62 and probably need to clear half of those out and add about 50 more of folks I've mysteriously managed to link to on my blog, but not on bloglines...go figure.

To that, some of my fave blogs to follow that are great with giveaways:

Robyn Werlich's {Discovering} Life - lots of stamp/scrap goodies
Ali Edwards' {A} - lots of scrap (paper and digi) and even scrap retreats
Kayla Aimee Only Slightly Neurotic - lots of SiS class spaces
KelliCrowe [i love folks that keep the blog name simple] - lots of scrap goodness
Ikea Goddess [did i mention my love of simple names?] - lots of digi scrap goodies

That should tide you over for a minute.

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