Tuesday, February 20, 2007

See...I told you...

(smile)...that's why once I've done it okay, I don't do it again. Didn't make it as number 49 this year. Went from Top 20 to...don't know where but not Top 50. Alas. Some of my fave folks did make the 50 so I'll be rootin' for them.

Got asked today what I want to do after work this week. Not like a life "what do you want to do with your life" but a quickie, what are we up to this week. Thought about work and doing more of it. Thought about scrapping and doing more of it. Then really sat down and thought about it. And what I want to do is spend more time living. Now if only I could figure out what in the heck that means!


Anyhow, March 3 -4 Crop Addict is turning 1! Totally cool right? But wait for it.

I'ma host a totally cool hybrid challenge. And of course there will be Crop Addict (aka, coolest kit club EVA) prizes to go with it. So...be on the look out. www.cropaddict.com. Right....So I'll be hosting likely Sunday night in between a hop and a skip here and there. Saturday, I'll be at the CKC-Portland and the dinner that evening. Soon enough we'll get introduced to the new Hall of Famers too...no chance in all get out at that. My style was way too simple once I shipped it out all proud and what not and then thought to myself really...get a grip. Alas...I can stick em in some really great blurb books (seriously--totally cool "print on demand"...check them out at www.blurb.com) and FINALLY get my mama that book of photos she wanted from waaaaaay back when.


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Debbie said...

:( Sorry you didn't make the top 50. But for what it's worth, I think you're top 5 material :)