Friday, February 02, 2007

Got it, get it, good

So...they got the doodle layouts. All is well there and very liked. I figure if the doodle layouts for the Doodle Book got all the way to AL already, then the Simple style layout should have arrived up the road for the Blue Media Style book. This is all so exciting. Being published. In books. That are sold in stores. Totally cool. I can't tell you how cool it was to pick up the first book I was pubbed in. I was walking through the downtown Seattle Borders store and there it was. I was giddy with excitement! For my first pub ever I stalked JoAnns for the Simple Scrapbook issue. And then the so totally nice cashier actually asked for my autograph. I felt so silly and we laughed so hard but's not everyday you get to see something in print and say "hey...I KNOW that person."

But you know what? Of my pubbed layouts, Simple, CK, the Blue Media book--they were all "me" layouts. And then there is now the doodle layouts. Both are actually rafting pictures. Both two of my faves. I say that a lot. but I like what I create. I was in a groove (smile). Cause my total all time fave layout (and most creative in my opinion) will be in Legacy. That should go over well. I should get back in touch with Alex and let him know he'll be pubbed. Or something.

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texasgirl said...

Hey, just checking out your blog see what you are up to. Which issue of Simple are you in?? Just got my new issue in the mail.