Wednesday, January 31, 2007

And more scrappy happy things

And because life is good when you can scrap some, I leave ya with a few fun digi uploads for the night!

Sledding and more sledding--pretty sure you can click to get it bigger and read the journaling.

Gorgeous couple, great wedding. Love how this layout came out. Glimpse it now, it's coming down soon.

Just how most of my relationships start. This one ironically enough, started when had the Friends version of their site which was really cool. Oh how it bloomed into so much more when I found out the profile was coverted over. was so meant to be...

This one still needs a bit of tweaking but oh my WORD there has to be an easier way. But I refuse to go to the dark side--photoshop is for pros. I am no pro. I don't have the patience for the learning curve. But in the meantime...I came up with this. Those curved lines were close to impossible. There has to be an easier way...maybe with my Wacom tablet (smile). Had it for over a week and still have not cracked that baby open... more pro stuff I guess.

This is one of my faves. I will likely use the pictures in this neat idea I have but for now, this here fella is one of my fave people in the world. That's him prepping for his climb of Everest. Really now.
So, I've gotten a pretty good thing going so far. Got to chat about a new venture in scrapping that may just be pretty cool. We shall see. In the meantime, enjoy the goodies for the patient among ya! Tomorrow, I should have some stuff up at Diversity Designs as I'm on the Feb rotation. End of next week, the midmonth at Crop Addict will go up and I'll post some really neat stuff there too. Loving paper scrapping again. Pulled out a not seen fave today when I was mailing off layouts for the Doodle Book call (I get two layouts published in that one!) and resending my layout for the Blue Media Style Book (one of my fave simple layouts of all time--CK even liked that was third place at the WA CK Convention in 2005). Anyhow, I kind of sort of had a layout potential for the CKC Portland, but it is way too busy so I'm going to redo it. I have thoughts of redoing another paper layout as a digi but I'd wanted to do it for something else which I'm running out of space for. My last thoughts on that is that I have this neat album idea that I have to get going on if I want to feature it for my next go rounds in March where I have a full kit with Crop Addict. Time to get on the ball scrapping that!
Good night!

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Tiffany said...

Can I say that I *luv* your style! Seriously, I am falling in love with it ... right now ... just looking over each page and marveling over your clean lines with flair. Beautiful, well thought and and streamlined graphic. Love them! Send me an email with your gallery if you can dude! I want to see them all! :)