Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Still chugging

So yes, I do still scrap. I'm just in the midst of a move as well.

I owe people some scrap stuff and if it would ever thaw here so that I could get down the hill to my place without having the boyfriend see just how much scrap crap I have (and that's just the stuff I'm keeping!!), I promise, it is coming. It is even boxed up and on my table. It's coming...truly.

I sold out all the pre-packed kits. Yippee! Now, on to the ebay postings. I hope it thaws tomorrow so I can get hom eand get the scrap stuff I'm selling online. Everything from a Sidekick (with alphabet), sew mini, quickutz tool, Ott light...so much stuff. And then I decided to purge one of every two from my PERSONAL scrap supply so I have 14 MORE kits (and lots of idea books in them and what not) that I'm going to post to ebay. I'll start the bidding at like .99 so that everyone can have fun. If a kit hits $40, I'll ship it for free. Otherwise, shipping is $10 first kit, $8.10 each additional one you win. They are all packaged in the 8.10 one price priority mail packages. And they are stuffed FULL of stuff--so full there is no need for "filler" to keep everything from bouncing around. Seriously good stuff. You want an example you say? Stay tuned tomorrow. One more post tonight with pictures of scrap happiness lately.

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