Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Really...550? is as it is. Come to find out HOF only had about 550 entries this year. 550. Which is so great and so bad. Great in that that is about the same chances of winning a spot (HOF or Honorable mention) as it is to get admitted to my law school. Bad in that there are about 9 out of every 10 folks who get turned away. Sure the numbers make you feel better about being able to stand out in the sea, but if you ain't got it you just ain't got it.

Some things that stood out for my "application" if you will:

All digital
All 8.5 x 11
All graphic, clean style

Some things that stood out looking back on it that are just either love it or hate it
So totally not CK style subjective--innovative to me, tried and done by others...
Not every layout was a total WOW--collectively...they flow...some really are my faves, others are not my faves, but then again, every piece I've ever had published (so far) hasn't been my fave's been me, but just not a "wow, look at that technique or that journaling"

Anyhow...overthinking. So to that...such is HOF. About two weeks before they call some really happy folks. And the other 475 of us bemoan that even in a small pond, we didn't have what it took to be CK material.


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