Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ooops...I did it again.

No silly...I did NOT shave my head. And I already talked about entering HOF again. What I did do again that is the subject of this blog thread is that I entered MMIDOL Season II. Yeppers. I hate doing something well enough the first time and going back and trying again because then I think I'm jinxed and can't top it. So it was quite a push to even get me to submit something. Because this time around people know they have to go big or go home and there were some really neat tips on the blog that gave away my secrets to success (number 1 being that 99% of life is howing up and the other 1% is presentation)...alas.

Lots more talented folks than me out there. I'm still a bit shocked I lucked up on a Top 20 finish out of the thousands of entrants. Here's hoping I might slide to number 49 this time--that would still get me on to the next round because they are taking the top 50 this time. In honor of that, I think a RAK is in order.

All three of the pieces I submitted are somewhere here on my blog. If you can guess the three I turned in , you're a winner! If no one guesses all three correctly, I'll give it to the person who guesses two...or the first person who guesses one. In that order. And what the heck, I'll throw in a RAK randomly as well.

Guess as many times as you like and have your friends guess too--if a friend team (they have to say in their comment or their email to me since every other time I've run these contests I get far more entries via email than comment field--that you referred them) wins, then I'll send a RAK to each of ya.

Happy guessing!

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