Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tidbit Tuesday 9.11

So it is that time of week again right? Tidbit Tuesday!

This week it is a set of stamped, grungy, blinged out mini-monograms. I even hand cut them out for you. You get a set of 4. They're about 2 inches on any longest side...good for creating titles, using as embellishments...fun stuff.

$2 for each set, shipping is $1 total for up to 7 sets in the same envelope. Above 7 sets, (or shipped separately to different folks) let me know before you paypal so that I can update your shipping estimate.

henderso@seattleu.edu for paypal. Get em fast--we did have the foaming flowers through yesterday, but those are all out now too. Thanks so very much from the bottom of my heart for keeping me on my toes and on track here.

Oh and yeah--if you prepaid for sets ahead of time, I send out immediately the current set but for future sets, I usually hold off to have at least two sets ready to go for you so that I can combine your shipping. So dont' worry if we sell out here and you've prepaid--that takes into account the sets we've set aside for you as well.

Again, thanks so much everyone! Keep those emails coming!



Tami said...

i am glad this little ditty of yours is going so well, can't wait to get my things!

Lesley said...

i so want to order some of these...but can you tell me how. I want like 4 sets...

*fauve* said...

These are way cute!