Sunday, December 02, 2007


...done. Lots of fun stuff going postal.

Mom by choice, sent me the absolute BEST box of love like you don't even know.
Mom with the mostest, supposedly the book you want is in the mail. Depending on when I get that, I'll either forward it as is for your lovely wall of shame OR if I have time I'll rescue the madness and make it into a Blurb book.

On the scrap by choice front...lots going on there. Time to photograph and start sharing again--three kits, two packages (thank you Wilna for the generous box of goodness), a way WAY older package that I totally just want to pull out for the fun of it.

Given that I've pretty much got the wedding all designed up, just need a date. Preferably in 2008, but 2009...would definitely give me lots more time to scrap.

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