Sunday, June 07, 2009

Poster #100 is...and the grand prize winner...

And poster #100 is:

AScrappersDelight said...
I love Thickers too! and I am totally adding your blog to my list as well. Fantastic!
6:35 PM

be sure to email me your addy. comments were still moderated (sorry about that) BUT blogspot is pretty good about keeping track of the order of posting (smile).

Off to a meeting and then in the wee hours of the night, we'll pull the great thicker stash winner.
A little birdie tells me that someone may just have to make a side trip after said meeting to a BL or two on the way home since...well...they are on the way home. You never know what surprise giveaways will pop up around here.

Speaking of which, if you like cool free stuff be it scrappy or not and you're local (Seattleish area) you'll want to hop over to my other blog for an awesome opportunity there. No comments, reader subs required, I'll just need to know your email addy.

Stay tuned for the grand prize winner late tonight (or early tomorrow for quite a few of you).


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