Sunday, February 12, 2006


Oh what is a girl to do. I think I am pretty positive what I want to do, but it is Tuesday. And it is now Sunday. And I have to be in Oly tomorrow night. So yeah...not so much.

I have to really get a shake on the CBX deal if I'm going to do that. I think I want to go simple which is really not conducive to a CBX win, but somewhere along the lines I saw people posting that they were journaling finalists. I have a lot to say on this album. So for the very least it will make a great gift for a very deserving individual on a special day to come. I look forward to this.

But that brings me back to Valentine's Day and what is a girl to get a boy who has it all. Or at least who knows where to get exactly what he wants a lot cheaper than I ever would. I'll get it done. I always do and it always comes off better than anticipated.

So that brings me now to the AmEx ad questions. Another popular scrap worthy expose. To it goes [be sure to thank Rick's daughter on this one...gotta love those AmEx folks]:
Childhood ambition: to become a geneticist and play God.
Fondest memory: sitting in a group of super smart kids at the Coca-Cola Scholars Weekend and debating racial issues--super charged, super smart, super empowered. Tied with seeing my nephew Q for the very first time
Soundtrack: Miss New Booty. Yeah right. would be my own little special mix tape of angry girl/hate men/love/remorse/happy songs.
Retreat: my deck/balcony in a pinch. Someplace warm with only one person by my side
Wildest Dream: Africa. I have to get there
Proudest moment: making the decision to leave home and go to Cornell
Biggest challenge: staying at Cornell for the long haul once my grandmother became ill
Alarm clock: yeah I have one. But typically I wake up to the "aliens" of my cell phone alarm
Perfect day: wake up, see blue sky. It's warm (say 55...), I'm outside. I do something active, eat something good, drink something better, read something fantastic and spend time with someone important. preferably the bf. I'm not rushing to get something else done or to go and do something else.
First job: cotton candy maker at the local ball park
Indulgement: shoes? Where?? Are they on sale? Do I really need to eat? I've made such good progress...I can resist...must...resist...
Last Purchase: scrap stuff (of course) for a project
Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption in this moment, Crash in the next...depends on mood
Inspiration: backwards. Looking outside of the box. Seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary
My Life: daughter, sister, wish grantor, good luck charm, lost soul

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