Saturday, June 10, 2006

Well if it ain't just me!

Got a toot for mag. Now that place is cool to beyond cool. Lots of stuff to get lost in for hours on end. Their online mag is fantastic. Got a call for a birthday tradition layout I did and it just might make the cover! It does get pubbed regardless so I'm doing the happy dance over that. {ETA: Didn't make the cover, but here's the layout!}

Banged out some fantastic Diversity Designs projects for the June kit. Ya'll watch out now and head on over there ( check the monthly inspiration tab).

Nothing like some shameless plugs.

Just submitted an application for a really cool looking kit club design team. Though I'm not much of a fan of competition (I'm honest!!) I AM a fan of sharing really cool stuff. So check THEM out at . {ETA: Didn't make the team, but their kits still rock the house!}

Okay...I promise. Enough enabling for one day.

Off to scrap some more!

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