Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I committed. Now I need to be committed.

Over on the Creating Keepsakes MB, I said to Erin "sure gal. you throw down the challenge, I'll bite."

So less than 20 days to get a Scrapper of Year entry together. I have a neat idea for how to get it done. I have 12 layouts done. I have three projects that I can throw in. I have two more projects half done that I can finish. That means three actual more projects/layouts. I have a couple of events this weekend and next. I think I might have another project I can include (I fluctuate between having 7 and 8 seen layouts that are currently in my entry). Think I just might do that. We shall see. I really want to get everything done this weekend so it can be assembled by Monday. Shipped by Monday after that. I can do it. Really...I can.

Especially if I get off of here. Not about winning because chances are very slim. But it is about being happy with what I do as a scrapper AND moving beyond the "should of haves".

Peace out.

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Keianna said...

Awesome challenge!!! Good luck, the perks seem great.