Friday, June 16, 2006

Fun toys!

I bought this:

yesterday at the Paper Zone bag sale. It was 30% off. So of course I bought extra little tag citcles and squares and rectangles. Oh my. Hey...I have some neat pictures to make into tags. It was all about the packaging. I saw the above and said to myself "Self, you really don't use tags that much to justify this."

Then I flipped it over and there was a picture of someone cutting out a small portion of a black and white photo and making THAT into a tag. I know...I never use my QK had tool either but...really. I almost bought an alpha for that. Yeah...and I said ALMOST.

What else did I buy you ask? Never mind that I got out spending a MERE $55 (that is good self control for those not in the know). What is most important is that I spent said money MOSTLY (not entirely, cause it is me after all) on stuff that is reusable. See the picture above.

Other reusable purchases--I bought some cool clear stamps--alpha set and NOT Technique Tuesday. Shhhh...don't tell anyone. I needed a relatively small set that I could color in. All for that KI colorful album. Couldn't help it.

I guess I'm back on the Making Memories train as well. I went into the place looking for those oldschool clear travel stickers. With travel quotes.

Couldn't find them. But I DID find some really cool MM foam flower stamps. And, of course, the tool above.

All said and done right? Well...uhhmmm. I also just bought a non (well, not really) scrap toy. It was a present for getting my column done. Check it on the Colored White blog.

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Sheila said...

I've been considering get one of those tag makers since they came out. I'm still on the fence. :)