Wednesday, June 07, 2006

KIss Me Happy...

You know what I love about huge contests? I always get this notion that I'm going to enter. I buy all sorts of product. Make all sorts of plans. Plot all sorts of "so not me" projects. Which is interesting because in a regular moment, I use the stuff ANYHOW, in my regular life. Just that I tend to use it with other products instead of as just one manufacturer showcased so that doesn't go so well in DT competitions, etc.


I started this project for the KI album contest. With their Color Theory line. I like the line. Don't love it. Or I should say didn't love it. Probably still don't love it. But do very much like the colors of all things KI--from the pastels to the muted to the much more bold color theory line, I'm liking it.

So one night, I woke up with this grande scheme of what I would be doing with this here contest. I absolutely ADORE my book so far. I love that it is really me. Love that it is really special. But everyone creates something special. So just because I think my topic is dear and close to my heart, it is indeed a bit non-standard and doesn't have huge audience appeal. Overthinking the contest has lead me to slowly (but surely) come back around to what I like and what is important to me.

Lovely. Love it. Can't wait to more fully get this out and done because regardless of the outcome of it, I'm going to give it away. Because most of the products I got to create this were given to me. I so love what I've done and thought and come to with this and though I love KI, I love them moreso for pushing me to create this great album. No hard feelings, but I may not enter my album because I love it so much. But I'll definitely share it.

Here's to contests that get you creating from the heart again!

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Alison said...

Gotta love it.