Monday, January 02, 2006

Space. And more of it.

I am so excited. Not only do I have a specifically craft devoted space. But I also have plenty MORE space. I can scrap in the scrap room. I can scrap in the living room on the table (not likely). I can (once I get a dining room table) scrap in the dining room. I can even scrap on the vast floor in my bedroom.

What am I going to do with all this space? Buy lots of stuff to fill it of course. Of course.
So...scrap intentions for the coming year. Easy as pie. Wanna hear it? Here it go[es]:

1. Scrap. Yeah. As in actually do.

2. Learn. A class or two--and definitely not scrap classes because I know it all. It's just a matter of convincing the world that I know it all. Kidding. But seriously. I want to take photography and writing and designing classes. So many community colleges around here. Even some 4 years. So much time. Why not. Second degree? yeah right.

3. Buy more. Really. Seriously. You think I'm joking. Yeah, I have enough [s]crap. But I need a real camera. And I need to cease with the clearance isles and get to the current stuff. And I need to buy totally non-scrap stuff and get scrappy with it. That has been my success. Don't fight it.

4. Share. Stop hogging all the fun stuff and publish it. Yeah, big time would be nice. But on my blog. In a newsletter. On my website (note to self, launch said website). At conventions. On the street. Everywhere. Start my own little following. Who's in?

5. Stop. Halt. Cease. Wait. Fantastic. Now create. Procrastination is not your friend and
really, your best work is AFTER the deadline so no more excuses.'s still odd. More than 3. Marc can stop laughing. BF can stop grinning and "yeah, uh huhhing" and I can let go. 6 is a multiple of three...but it's not an odd number. Back to work tomorrow. Scary stuff there.

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