Thursday, January 12, 2006

Shoot. Did it. Pulled the trigger. The ap is on its merry little way to Utah. Certainly a good thing I have everything under the sun going on this coming week to keep my mind off of the non-call.

And then there is HoF. I have borrowed one of BF's cameras. It took some amazing photos of the scrapworks entry stuff. Rocks. I have to say the entry itself, rocked. There was one layout that drove me nuts and looks like crapitycrapcrapcrap, but the other three pieces rock the house. Was not loving my card until I photo'd it. Nice. Loved my two pager for a long, long time and will likely alter it for a fave/gunked up HoF entry. But I love it to pieces. And my paper project...adore it. Already have requests from others to reproduce for them and the concept will be my HoF memory keepsake. Loving it. Two HoF deals done.

Had I not been a procrastinator, I could have redone my one pager. It looks so fantastic in person. Just with the lighting and all, didn't get the depth to distinguish between all of the patterned papers evenly. And at one point, I loved the photo, but not so much now. Would have loved to have had some green hugs. And to have broken out the staples and ribbon. Perhaps another alterable LO for HoF. We'll see.

So there you have it. Scrapworks, check. Can't win if you don't compete. Not a chance in heck really, but oh my word what a year this would be if I were on their team.

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