Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Scrapworks. Whisper the name. Shhh...a moment of silence. Breath. Okay.

I so, so, so, so, so want to apply. But I really don't think I have a shot in heck and I'm scared to send it in. Sigh. The agony of defeat. Especially when you don't even try. I need to just do it already. But what if they don't like me? What if it's not a matter of there being just plain stronger scrappers, but a matter of them just not liking me?

Bad part of it all? I will never know. Gulp. My mouth is dry. I need to release the box. Send it in. Before it costs me half a fortune to do so. And then there is HoF. I guess I know I really don't have a shot in heck at that one (although my fantastically fantastic owner of FiberScraps broke down the math for us DT girls there). Kinda scary.

One day I'll make it. Right after I get internet access at home. Just found the AC adapter. One step at a time gals. One step at a time.

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