Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wait...I've seen this before.

I should preface my comments by saying that I did NOT watch the entire American Idol show last night (2 hours?? come on now) but I did come in at the very end for that girl. You know...the blonde one at the very end? Crying and throwing a fit? Because they needed more diversity? And everyone sounded the same and looked the same and had the same perfect hair and perfect makeup?

All I could think was "Man...where have I heard that overwhelming show of dissapointment before?"

The "all the winners look alike" argument. Rule number one for dealing with dissapointment: become diversity blind and see only what you want to see.

Back to the scrapping though. Boxes (w/books) are on their way to Traci and Chris.
I found some stuff I didn't even know I had and it is time to scrap again. Really. I've got lots to scrap about and to scrap with. And maybe (just maybe) I'll get some photos taken this week of fun with SiS stuff. Speaking of which, good luck to all of ya'll applying to be Fashionistas. We're a fun group and I can't wait to see who's work will inspire me to be better everyday.

Till then!

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