Monday, January 07, 2008

And for all you resolution makers...

I is a new year and time to learn new things and be challenged to just do more eh? I got a couple of follow up questions on getting published that I promised a long long LONG time ago after I posted this DT Applications: 10 Tips post. So I'll get to that this week and give you 10 tips for getting published.

But in the meantime, lots of you have resolved to do more scrapping. Or to improve scrap skills. Or to just notice more. So here are three really great opportunities from some great friends of mine that I think you should take advantage of.

Ashley probably doesn't know it, but she is totally one of my most fave people in the world. Seriously. I met her in Chicago and everything about her--her genuiness, her love story, her quirkiness, her "open mic" all just was so on. Anyhow...she has a really neat "prolonged challenge" blog where you snap a photo one week, get a journaling prompt another week, scrap it all another week and then do it all again. Why pressure yourself to get it all done today. Oh procrastination. That was my goal. Anyhow, click on her blog banner below to begin the journey:

For those of you looking to learn a new snazzy skill, why not learn how to fancify your pictures some more? Adrienne is all over it with her Holga and some basic Photoshop stuff that will turn even you more ordinary photos into works of art. Trust. Me. She is wonderful! I mean check it out by clicking the banner below:

The Etsy shop says she's sold out, but email her, I'm sure she'll hook you up in the new year.

Courtney is Ms. Get You Going. She is infectiously "good times" and funny and fun and super talented and you will have a BLAST with 52 projects for a full year (yeah...that would be a project a week). Not at all stressfull, totally doable...totally fun. I bet my bottom dollar on that.
So check out her site and get signed up by clicking on the link to her Project 52 picture below.

So there you have. Plenty to keep you busy.

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rmeyfe said...

I guess I have been living under a rock for awhile but I just by chance found your blog and I love reading it because it is like I can almost hear you saying it (if that makes sense and doesn't sound too crazy).

Happy New Year!! I'll be checking back to see what else you have to say!! :)