Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday Inspirational

Everyday.  I'm walking around seeing "stuff" and thinking how great it is that I can see, smell, taste, hear and just enjoy "stuff."  So with a set day to play with "stuff" I figured it might be a good idea to have a set day to gather up tidbits and snipits of other "stuff" to fuel the week.

That said.  I was prowlin' around and found this lovely bit of goodness:

DIY Macro Photography Studio     @      Wedding photographers


Nothing but the best from the best. Speaking of which:

Why just have a photobooth at your wedding when you could really just have a

CRAZY PHOTOBOOTH: ala the likes of the Image is Found Blog. Sneak it, now go peek it.

Coolness eh? I'm eyeballing Chenin's Totally Rad Action Mix mostly because they're now showcasing recipes from...well...rad photographers doing rad things with the Actions.  As in "step 1" do this, step 2, do that, voila.  Which is what I need when it comes to anything remotely Adobe.  I'm slowly coming out of that shell.  But really...who wouldn't want those actions to accomplish cool things?

Check out more of the recipe fun at their blog cause if nothing else, the banner is cool eh?

And since this is really turning into a photography post anyhow even though I have one of them there blogs specifically for photos, might as well finish it up there eh?  Picassa.  Love. It.  To pieces.  Get it now.  It is free, it is fun, it is easy to do cool stuff to your photos in 1, 2, 3 clicks and really...what more do you need to scrap and get fun with it?  Here you can get it now, for free.

Much love. Stay sane.

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Adrienne said...

Great links! I've been looking at the Totally Rad Actions too! They look too neat!