Tuesday, January 22, 2008

And because clearly...

...I'm just too busy being inspired rather than inspiring others, a few more links to stuff I'm loving right now.

Of course more homemade journals by the gal who can tear it up on a sewing machine.
Here was my catwalk pick for this week and I just LOVE Marciaaa's style. Sushi pics are up next week so show me something good! Clearly, I'm into minis. Doesn't mean I will be next week, but for now, it is my thing.

And time to go be scrap responsible. Good luck on that front (smile).

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Silvitanova said...

Yes those girls rock! I love rachel, she is sharing so much of her talent on the internet. And Marcia is great to. I was at one of her workshops last year and I've leard so much. Her work is eye candy!