Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Other One

Here's the other layout I was going to post here yesterday:

You can click to make it bigger and read the journaling. All digital, did some filter effects on the photo to make it all rough and bumpy and desaturated it some. Saw the quote (by Marlene Dietrich) the other day and voila. Enjoy!
Just in case, Journaling reads:
Take a deep breath. Stop. For just a moment. Stretch out in all that space. Listen to your heart pounding. Feel the rush of air through your lungs. Smell the pine, the fresh snow and the clean air all around you. For just a moment. Yeah. more money means more resources to go out and do this kind of thing. Or at the very least, to endusre that those to come will have the chance to come out here and experience this. But listen. If you don't take a moment to see that there is more than one way to be "rich" the moment just may pass you by. And then what? What will be your legacy left behind?
There is a gigantic difference between earning a great deal of money and being rich.
Thankfully, you understand this. You understand that all of the money in the world will never be enough if we don't have love. Love for one another, love for others, love for our earth. Just love. Certainly. It takes more than love to make it. And those who have can easily discount the importance of money - I've been there and know, "having money ain't everything, not having it is." But we have. And with it, the resources to understand that having it and being rich are mutually exclusive in the context of our lives. With it or without, with lots or a little, having it now, or saving until we have it later. No matter. So long as we remember that we are rich in so many other ways. We both have wonderful families that think the world of us. We are both blessed with careers - not just jobs - that we are good at, passionate about and happy to do. We each have grown into a sense of self-worth that far surpasses anything either of us thought we would be. Anything growing (sp) up we were told we could be. We are richer for it. Bank notwithstanding.
TFL. Enjoy!


Lisa said...

Love that quote! Mind if I use it too? :) I also like what you did with the photo :)

Nat said...

stunning layout and journaling- totally love this!!!!