Friday, January 18, 2008

11 minutes....

...let's see how many I can update.
First, the valentines cards:

And because I'm on a roll...a start for St. P's too:

And a baby card since everyone is poppin' them out:
And a receipt holder for the "forgetful" among us...

And then a bunch of layouts:



Anonymous said...

I like the reciept holder, subtle and quite pretty.

The valentines are a little plain, but definately cute.


Great cards and layouts! You are surely creating lots of things...Thanks for stopping by, it's great to get new visitors!!!
I don't know about you but since I ddin't have a regualr X-mas I must find a way to make up for it!!!! Any ideas?

susan j said...

Wowsers!! I am loving those cards and LO's. Hey, thanks for popping by my blog!!

Vee said...

i love what you did with the rainbow sushi line! so awesome :)