Monday, December 12, 2005

Promised. So here I am. Uhhmmm. Yeah. So I have done absolutely nothing scrap related since my last exhausted guilty post. Well...not entirely. I actually did post on 2peas for a scrapmentor. Talk about serious. HoF. Pubbing. DT. Fanciful dreams that are possible with structure and a plan. I've always been such the circuitous philosopher daydreaming the day away. Until someone tells me "Hey you, do this." I can flip, mold, color in and colorwash the "this" to be fantastically wow, but I need the "this" to get me off the boards, out the books, beyond the sketches and finally out of "uhhhhmmmm."

It's the simple things.
It's your chance to speak to the committee.
It's your last opportunity to be your best advocate.

I read lives and decide futures for a living. There is absolutely no excuse for not knowing/understanding/getting the process.

Time to stop promising, planning, intending. Time to start doing, doing and doing. Period.

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