Monday, December 05, 2005

Not to be. I didn't win the Life In Contest series. Thanks for all of the emails! Definitely, I know why I didn't go into a subjective profession--including becoming a lawyer. I think I'm at a place where I can truly believe the old beauty pageant mantra--different night, different panel of judges, different outcome. Meaning, it's luck, skill, talent and just plain "it" that contributes to a win in judged events and you shouldn't take it at all personally if you (or your creation or your project) doesn't wow them tonight.

Admittedly, it is definitely perspective building. What with the relocation, the money would have come in handy big time, but not winning really grounded me in how you never count those eggs until they are really in your basket. Helpful, but not necessary. It feels good to not be relying on pulling out a bit of luck to get the bills paid (smile). I'm fortunate to work a great job that makes it possible for me to buy all sorts of neat scrapbooking stuff to create with. And the fact that I got so much wonderful Scrapworks stuff from the WA win...

LOL. I'm laughing because when I was telling a good friend that I had lost the contest he was like "What do you mean you've lost? Think of your WA win as being state champ! You're one of the best scrappers out West! That ain't nothing to shrug a shoulder at."

Man, I am so fortunate to have people in my life that while they may not "get" the scrapbooking stuff, they "get" me and the importance of scrapbooking in my life.

So then...time to mount up again for the DT call. I have to push myself to do this because if I don't, I know I'll just always think that I was running away from potential failure. No excuses.

One more day of waiting. Then they'll announce the Provo Craft Design Team. Not a snowball's chance in heck for that one, but I've gotta get my three loses under my belt in order to get the guts up to try for Chatterbox and/or HoF.

Question I've heard often today? Folks want to know if it is harder to not get selected when there are only a handful of folks you are competing against (and the odds are remarkably easy to calculate) or if it is harder when there are hundreds and you really think you have no chance at all. Hmmm. Have not really thought of it. I'd imagine that recognition is recognition. To that, rejection is rejection? I don't know. I think in terms of success so it is hard for me to translate whether it would feel better to win among hundreds or a few. I mean...recognition for something you love feels good no matter the context so...sorry. Random ramblings that don't say much.

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Keisha said...

What a good friend you have, he said it perfectly!!! Keep trying, look what you got so far for trying!!!!