Sunday, December 04, 2005


8:14 pm PT and I've not received "the call." I am excited, nonetheless, to see who DID win the Scrapworks contest. I love all of the layouts for different reasons so I feel honored to have even been one of the Best of Shows. Yeah, yeah, would have been a cool birthday present, but still, I got some great presents this weekend. My BF made me queen for the night and we went out to the Comedy Underground. I love his is so contagious. Layer that on top of some really funny funny guys and it was a fantastic gift. He knows me so well it is almost scary (smile).

More on the other birthday stuff on Colored White. Back to Scrapworks. I'm totally conflicted about the Design Team call. Not that every contest/call/etc. I submit to isn't important to me, but this one just really, really hits home for me. I love their product and I loved how nice the folks there were throughout the contest...I just don't think I could handle that rejection.

Identify the fear. Embrace the fear. Conquer the fear. I need to apply for this because I think I'll be fine by not doing so.

Someone be nice and email me the winner of the contest tomorrow. I'll be starting a new job and don't want to surf the first day and won't be home until 9 pm so I will be the last person in the world to know.


Sara said...

Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great one!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bernadette,
No call here at 1pm! Happy Birthday and good luck on your new job!