Sunday, December 11, 2005


All you subbed lurkers, I know you're desperate for me to update. Now that I work a full time job and commute part time hours...excuses, excuses. I need to get up to date here so here's a brief glimpse into my scrap world:

Camera on the outs. ouch. And payday to fix it...yet another two weeks. double ouch. Think I'll buy a new one. Sigh. At least it isn't my computer crashing out this time.

Scrapworks design team. I want it too much. Is that possible? so is. Breath in. Breath out. Man how crazy.

HoF. Yeah. Nuff said. Got a great keepsake under wraps. Because I was post happy, all of my fave layouts from this past year have been online or entered in contests. I was reading the 2006 trends article in the Jan Ck and of course my most fave layout of all times would have fit the whole trend watch. But that is the layout (Moments) that took Best Use of Ready Made Products at the Ck WA Convention back in October. Sigh.

Ck Convention followup. Gotta see about getting my layout back from Scrapworks and my card back from Paper Crafts. Want to use the card for a dinner party I'm going to do in the new year and of course have the frame the Transition layout for my new scrap area.

CKU. Gotta figure out which one I am going to. Hotel for Chicago is sold out. I also gotta double check dates because I cannot really travel until after March at the end of April or later. Which is kinda unfortunate because how cool would it be to go to Chicago or Boston? My voucher isn't eligible for Boston, but still...I'd pay to do that.

So there ya have it. Five for fun. I just finished a big part of the shopping for my bf's gifts. Now it is time to do the creating. Because I got the good--check that, GREAT reaction from our anniversary gift, I'm feeling more open about doing that whole sentimental route with him. He'll enjoy it.

Have a great weekend!

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Dude. I don't know which blog to go to.
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