Thursday, December 01, 2005

And if Scrapworks couldn't get any better. They just announced their 2006 Design Team search. I'm almost afraid to try because on the one hand, what kinda humungous failure would it be to be a Best of Show only to not make the Design Team. Conversely, I already feel so amazingly lucky to have been a Best of Show in the Life In Contest Series so I kinda feel like my luck has run out on them.

But I will say:

Some folks are all over "they don't pay you." Well, payment comes in many forms. Yeah, I like cash like the next girl. But more than that (since, frankly, I do work a "day job" and am not trying to pay the rent off of scrapbooking), I like payment that takes the form of working with FANTASTIC people. I like payment that takes the form of free product that I will actually use (and use...and use...and use...). I like payment that makes me feel like I am being fairly compensated--be that in gratitude, product, networked connections, noteriety or cold hard cash--for what I do. Scrapworks design team would be a dream come true.

It is just amazing to me that all of these design teams with manufacturers that produce stuff I adore are all having open calls. I know my limits--both in regards to time for scrapping/designing and talent. So I don't limit myself to not even going for all of these neat opportunities just in case I make them all. Like I said, I know my talent limits (smile).

Anyhow, it has been a great, great day. The HoF ideas are flowing, I'm looking forward to tomorrow--BF said if necessary he would come and get me because it is snowing like crazy in Seattle. Just a tad bit here...but icy roads and almost broke out breaks...they don't combine.

Nighty, night.

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