Sunday, November 27, 2005


I'm in a holding pattern as of late. I'm spending a lot of time online looking at what I want to do and might one day do, but this whole waiting for the Scrapworks announcement is killing me. I love the way my heart does that little flutter deal everytime I think about what I might actually feel if I were to actually WIN that contest.

Certainly, I'm already a winner and have the $500 to prove that (smile). But being the loner chic that I am, I have taken to stressing just who in the world I would invite to the crop you win with this contest.

On first thought, I would invite the folks who contributed journaling for my layout. Alas, most of those folks are scattered to the winds and I doubt they would be able to make it out here to WA for a party of any sort much less a crop. Most of them are not scrappers so a crop would be a new experience for them. Actually, a crop would be a new experience for me too because I have never been to one before. I know...such the novice.

Anyhow, the second thought was that I could do a mix--you know, a couple of folks from my current job who have told me of their interest in scrapping (there are 3 folks that come to mind), a couple of the owners from some of my fave LSSs (there are 4 folks there) and then I could find three other friends between the folks I knew in school and the people I know now. That would be easiest probably.

But then I had a dream and really got to thinking. Should I have any chance at all at winning this, how cool would it be to really reach out to those who are stressing with me right now and those who I've gotten to know through this process? For instance, there is this amazing scrapper from WA who entered the OR Convention and the WA convention and was a Merit winner both times. I think it would be really cool to invite her to come.

And then, I think it would be really cool to post a Scrapworks LO challenge on 2peas (my home away from...who am I kidding...2 peas IS my home nowadays!!) in The Pub for folks willing to travel to WA (some folks from OR or Idaho or BC, Canada might be down for this). I could pick a winner kind of based off of the same criteria I was a finalist for and invite 1-2 winners from there to the crop.

Then, I could ask each of my LSS that I frequent--depending on the time to the party--to host a short essay contest (can you tell I'm a nerd??) or a photography contest and select a winner from each of the stores to come to the crop. That would be another 3 folks.

Then I could have a shameless "post your comments" contest here on my blog to invite 2 more people.

Then I would only have to come up with 2 more people to come to the crop and there would be so many more winners to the contest this way. How cool would THAT be?

Very (smile). Here's crossing my fingers. Here's hoping your fingers are crossed too!

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