Monday, November 21, 2005

Thanks for nothing.

Well...that's probably not a proper sentiment for a thank you card. But I am kinda dissapointed right now. See...I planned my whole resignation from my current job around the "fact" that we were having a holiday bazaar Thursday of next week. Unfortunately, that's not going to happen.

It really isn't a HUGE deal, but I would have had my last day tomorrow and taken a week off before I started my next job if I wasn't planning on following through on my promise to help with the fair. Sigh.

The plus is that now I don't have to stress. The minus is that now I have all of this {s}crappy stuff laying around blocking my progress to the fridge. Doesn't help that I could stand to wash a dish from breakfast and hang up a basket of clothes or two. Sigh.

Tomorrow (or some other time long from now), I'll post samples that would have knocked their socks off at the bazaar. I sell my soul cheap so don't lift, just buy a card/card set already and pass it off as your own (smile).

1 comment:

Corinnexxx said...

hi there, sorry things aren;t going the way you planned. Just wanted to say that I think you make a really good change to win the contest with your lo , I think it is the best one!!