Friday, November 18, 2005


Just got an email from the fabulous folks (aka Rachel) at

They'll announce the winner of the Life In Contest series on December 5. How absolutely spectacularly AMAZING would it be to get a call on your birthday saying "Happy birthday and congrats, here's $1000 and a fantastic birthday party for you." I'll let you know if that happens December 4!

Yeah, then I woke up, looked longingly at the amazingly talented women I'm competing against and glanced over at my table to make sure my Scrapworks/CKU prize pack (still wrapped and bowed up all pretty) was still in my apartment. You'd be surprised the kind of stuff I lose in this itty bitty place.

Check out the Contest and all of the other layouts here.

Here is my layout Life in Transition:

removed for publication!!


Cross your fingers, eyes and toes, pray to your deities (God being my fave, but hey, whatever floats your boat) and chant your chants.

Competitive scrapbookers with Type A personalities...there is hope. It CAN be fun to just scrap for the [s]crap of it!

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