Monday, November 28, 2005


Was just going back through my posts and emails and remembered that I never did come back with the stories from my first post. So here they are.

I was the bomb to the third power.

Well, if you know me, you know I strongly believe in the power of 3. You know, when something good happens, there are 3 something goods that happen. Same with when something bad happens.

Okay, so the weekend that I won the Best in Show for the Scrapworks Life In contest series, I also won two other contests. Well, I consider placing out of lots of enteries a "win" so don't get all technical with me (smile). In any event, my layout "Moments" won first place in the Simple Scrapbooks Best Use of Ready Made products category at the CK WA convention. My card "Kiss...the cook" won third place in the Papercrafts card competition at the convention. I was FLOORED. It was kinda unnerving to be "that girl" as I walked around and shopped after the Scrapworks announcement and was definitely a tad bit scary to be "that girl" after the layout contests. My day one of my layouts will hit Creating Keepsakes gold and that will be the day...I tell ya.

What else...oh yeah...I had made a gift that someone truly appreciated. That gift refered to the "Us" book I made for my boyfriend. It was the simplest album I have ever made--easily altered a group of photos (to black & white, added a dry brush stroke border and inserted a text comment in red) and then printed a few quotes on neutral colored cardstock. Slipped it all into the sleeves of the 4x6 album and was freaking that he would think it was a bit too simple and hokey.

Quite the contrary. He was pleasantly surprised and pleased that I took the time to actually make him something instead of just go out and buy something. Just this past weekend he went home to his family for Thanksgiving and took the book with him to show his mother. How cool is that?

There was one other something I was supposed to update but I cannot remember. Oh fave blog spots/websites. Check out the links in the right colum. Under beautiful are two of my fave blogs right now. Under bold and brainy are some great inspirational spots that will get you scrapping or keep you from it.

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