Friday, November 25, 2005

For Moi?!?!

As promised, the story of the wonderful gift!

Now, I have known Liisa for less than 6 months. In that time, I can honestly say that she has become quite the friend/confidant/mentor. We both work with a similar population of students and we both are passionately committed to making sure that those students needs are met so that they can get a college education. For the past couple of months, there has not been a day that has gone by when we didn't find the time to go out for a smoke (neither of us smokes...right...) or have a closer door session in my office.

In any event, when I went into work on Wednesday, I did what I never do. I walked over to her cubicle and asked to borrow one of these fantastic pens that I convinced her to buy late last week.

See, she and I are both uberfine sharpie fans. That is until the bleedthrough keeps us semi-enviro-conscious folks from using them because you can only write on one side of the page. So I found these fantastic Staedtler pens in the bookstore. You can buy them individually, in a 10 pack (I convinced her to buy the 10 pack) or in a 20 pack. Well, when I came in, I had a need for her navy and red ones so that I could address some letters to be sent out. She hopped up and was like " don't never come over here. How you gonna just roll on back here"

Come to find out, she was busy creating the wrapping for my 20 pack of pens. The wrapping was so scraptastic that I have yet to open the gift! She had to tell me what it was because I just couldn't bear to mess up all of her work.

Isn't it fantastic?!

Of course she was all about how it's not up to par with the scrapping I do and she's not a pro and it was so hard to create because really she's more a lifter and I finally just had to tell her to be quiet because she was going to make me cry with all of the thought that she put into it.
I tell ya, she's something else. And it is absolutely amazing to feel that rush of "whoa, how amazing" that other folks must (of course!!) also feel when I give them something that I obviously made the effort to personalize just for them. Wow!

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