Friday, June 15, 2007

Yeppers...still going

Still scrap, just more icognito till our major trade show passes in July. Lovely. But in the meantime, a few fun things.

This is the rak full of goodies I got from Alohi over at SiStv for our swap:

[If only blogger would let me reinsert a picture - what the blip?!]

And I got a BIG HUGE BOX of stamping stuff from Impression Obsession. That is what I'm tearing into tonight.

But I leave you with a layout or two. Fave people doing great things in a fave location. Enjoy!

Little fun guy:

[temporarily relocated--peep this layout here 2nd layout down]

Other Cute guy:

[temporarily relocated - peep this layout here 1st layout on the post]

And...because we got the go ahead to shop these around, here's another one of the layouts I did for my HOF entry that isn't going to be in the book:

[snoooozzz....lose. I'm will be back momentarily]

Have a great weekend!


bwgayoso said...

Wow! These layouts are great! So are the pics! Totally inspiring.

scrap {n} flava said...

I LUB that spotting Bird LO! The colors are so perfect!

Suzie said...

STUNNING layouts! Amazing work :)