Friday, February 06, 2009

Pictureless Scrapbooking

Evidently, I do it more often than not.

Over at the Hodge Podge Art blog, they have an AMAZINGLY FUN challenge going on to scrap a layout without pictures. Of course, most folks are like "WHAT?" how in the world...but really, it is all in the details.

Here are a ton of examples of what I've done in the past. I hope to get it together in time (out tonight...painting tomorrow, probably dead and packed by Sunday) to get a new layout together, but just in case not...have fun with it!

Be sure to click on the photos because it will take you to the detail about the journaling (or the story behind the layout) over at SiStv.

The first example is of using pictures, but not photos. The images are actually clippings from travel mags pasted together from my inspiration notebook of places I want to go. The rest are truly no image layouts.

Get creative with it and have fun!

Thanks for looking!

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++V++ said...

Once upon a time I began scrapbooking but stopped. I've collected movie stubs, receipts, maps... you name it. Sad thing is it's all in a box or stuff in scrapbooks calling out to be designed.
Needless to say, that coming across your pages makes me want to find time to scrap. I'm really drawn to the "Twisted" page. Possibly because of the color scheme you chose. It has a graphic design feel to it. :)