Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Nope, I'm not going to CHA at all this year. Winter kind of sneaked up on me. With the whole combined finances, saving for wedding and house move, I had to decide between a potential Tennessee trip for SiStv's anniversary or Winter CHA. Didn't really have enough time to figure out how firm the TN trip was so I might not do any travel for scrap this year as I decided I'd prefer to go to TN than to CHA. That, of course, was when I thought I was getting married on a different date and would do regular CHA during the summer. Only to see...summer CHA is not condusive to a happy start to my marriage. So...alas...no CHA for me this year. Sigh.

I have a sneak peak of some fun stuff for IO that I did too. Most of what I'm sending to CHA for them can be seen in my IO folder at SiStv (click on the widget to the right, from my profile, you can click on "see whole portfolio" and from there you can select Impression Obsession DT), but I did a few more projects for them too. All winging it's way out. I'll post the sneaks tonight from home.

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Big Man said...

I appreciated the compliment over at Too Sense.

I was going to add your blog to my links list, but I couldn't figure out which one is your main blog. Let me know so I can put it up.