Friday, February 15, 2008

Remember these?

Probably not eh?  I should update my galleries some I guess.

Mag pub (2007)

Internet Dating 101 Big

Contest Win (2007)


Mag Pub (2007)

Play Like Your Life Depends on It 3d

Fave almost was (2007)


One that Got Away (2007)

Let Go

First ever digi page back in the day (2006...or end of '05)

In the Winter

My first hybrid page (2006)

Live Happier

Still probably one of my fave ever layouts. Click on it so that it is bigger (I think).  So worth it (2006).

Out There small

And because he is silly and that was one of my "life is great" trips (2005)

Silly Boy Simple

One of the first layouts I ever did.  LOVE. this. photo. (2005)

Trust the Gift

Card from back in the day at Diversity Designs (2006)

Poles Apart Card

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