Thursday, May 24, 2007


Okay...two blog winners it is. I can't find winner number 3. Alas. I tried.
Scrap in Style TV--check the catwalk...I love me some RitasCottage over at Scrap in Style TV.
She's so on my totally.

And because I'm in a silly mood and should be home scrapping but was responsible and came to work instead:

Bernadette needs to talk to Arnold!
Bernadette needs to sharpen her subject-verb agreement skills today.
Bernadette needs to work with...
Bernadette needs to grow.
Bernadette needs to find their email addresses
Bernadette needs volunteers!
Bernadette needs me to come to the golf course to check her swing
Bernadette needs to file an address change.
Bernadette needs to see someone.

And my fave...

Bernadette needs little introduction.

Well maybe not fave, but really now you know.

Thanks to Tina for the fun exercise on her blog borrowed from someone elses. Cause stampers are cool like that. As if you didn't know (smile).

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give me some Rita too ;)