Tuesday, May 15, 2007

As we await the announcement...

Of the fun blog RAK (Random Act of Kindness) winners, I bring you a little tag play.

I got tagged by Tiffany. In a unique random way. So I'll play and then tag away. Cause like the sister said...I don't play red light-green light and sit the pot. Competition. Good for the blood (smile). Way it works is this:

Choose 7 different random things and blog about them. Not the rules on your blog. Choose 7 people to be tagged and list their names. Leave 'em a comment that they've been tagged and a link to the bloggity blog to check the rules.

Random Thought #1: Why is it that for 5 out of 7 days we get beautifully blue skies and then those two measily days I actually get off, the skies turn gray. And cloudy. And windy too? Solution? I'm going to work two days a week (not necessarily Saturday and Sunday because...I'm normal like that), but then take off the other 5 days. I really think I can work this. Really.

Random Thought #2: Uhm yeah. About that work thing. It's really cutting into my scrapbooking time. And that's just so not good. But the good is that I then make lots of money (relative...I'm a pauper really) to buy more scrap stuff. Because I don't have enough of a stash. But the stuff I buy isn't for me. I justify my shopping habit by giving it away in RAKs. Like the one you're waiting on. It works well for me--I get my retail therapy in, but don't have to figure out a place to put it all.

Random Thought #3: It is a sad, SAD day when you get gifted a new laptop and a new printer and it is like day 502 after and you still won't go near them. Kinda like with the iPod. I have issues--it is more about the journey (ie, winning said laptop, printer, iPod) for me. I have never been a destination person. But this is getting really bad. I do like iTunes though. sort of.

Random Thought #4: I'm really not that practical. I "get" that blooming potted plants are pretty and still alive and should be thought of as a romantic thoughtful gift that someone didn't give you something on it's deathbed that just looked pretty. I am so all about the looks. Give me cut almost dead flowers any day. Any. Day.

Random Thought #5: I have not watched Fargo in almost a year. I am slipping. Really slipping. When I scrap, I always used to put in a video (that I had seen a gagillion times) so that I wouldn't hear when someone entered my home through the garage door on his way up the stairs to kill me. Now...there is so much filth on reality tv today that I just turn it on and go to town. I really DIDN'T hear when the realtor brought in a couple of folks to look at the place the other day. That was kinda freaky.

Random Thought #6: It has to be official by now. My postman hates me. He doesn't like how cozy I'm getting with the UPS man and for some reason, I don't think the blue man likes the brown man. Uniforms people...uniforms. Anyhow, this brown gal (I love me some UPS) will have to play nice since I've no idea where a certain birthday gift is and this is starting to really get to me.

Random Thought #7: If anyone is looking to move to Seattle, I've got this great 2200 (unheard of!!) sf condo you'd love to look at. $374,950. Designer colors, automatic lighting, all appliances...slow down markets...grrrrr....

Okay...so I'm going to tag...GiGi, Wilna, JJ, Adrienne, KA, Keisha, Francine All tagged because I've always wanted to know their deepest, darkest, brightest, most random thoughts (smile). Don't hate...you're it!

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Gigi said...

b you are tooo funny...& i only wish i could take you up on the condo offer, sounds sweet :)

& i did this tag just a wee bit ago...here were my deepest darkest secrets at that time...not much has changed since then except that now my private message box over at SIS is ready to freakin explode