Monday, January 19, 2009

While I'm listening to Get Silly...Get Published

My first class at SiSTv kicks off today. I'm so very honored to get to team teach it with Jen Jockish and Corrinne Delis.

Ever want to see your name in flashing lights?
Splashed across the glossies?
Recognized as one of the greatest scrapbookers of all time?

Well, this isn't the class for you.

But if you WOULD just like to see some of your pages in the mags (because they just about all rely on everyday ordinary folks with mad skills just like you to fill their fantastic pages), then our

"How to Get Published" class is for you!

You can register for it here if you are quick.

There are hundreds of tips, photos and nuggets of goodness that you get to pursue at your own pace (it is an e-class via the messages, print and read when you have time). It is appropriate for all level of published or not person--I've been published tons and already learned a few new tricks to the trade. And if you're new to the process, the materials are presented in a nice step by step format so that it isn't all overwhelming.

So what are you waiting for? Can't wait to see your name in flashing lights!

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Darcy said...

Hi Bernadette, Thanks so much for taking the time to do this class for us. I actually signed up to take this because I have a new clear stamp company that I have started with my sister and we hope to be adding a design team soon, so your info was valuable to me as to know what to expect from a design team (and also how to treat them well!).

Really enjoyed the info and have printed and filed the pages for future reference.

Thanks again!
- Darcy